• Botafogo rockets up the standings with StatDNA’s custom opposition analysis

    Nearly one-third of the way through the Serie A season, Botafogo was mired in a losing streak and dangerously close to the relegation zone. Botafogo had a potent offense, averaging 1.6 goals per game but were too soft on the defensive side of the ball, resulting in 1.4 goals conceded per game. Botafogo signed up for StatDNA’s custom opposition analysis service whereby StatDNA’s analysts utilized its advanced data and searchable video to put together a customized scouting report based on the entire season of previous games for each upcoming opponent. Botafogo saw almost immediate results, and over the remainder of the season saw goals conceded per game drop to 1.0 per game. Because of this, Botafogo made a strong move in the standings and were narrowly edged out of Brazil’s G-4, the qualification zone for the prestigious Libertadores tournament, in the last week of the season.

  • Recognizing where opponents were creating value and setting up defensively to stop it

    Every team has one or a few set of goal creation strategies, and those goal creation strategies often occur in certain areas of the field and include certain players. StatDNA uses its advanced data and video analysis to find goal creation hotspots and communicate those to the coaching staff with a data-rich report that includes link to relevant videos.

    Using these reports (as well as other factors) as inputs, Botafogo coach Joel Santana determined tactical strategies that would work best against each opponent. There are many examples where the StatDNA report led to improved understanding of the opposition and translated into more points for Botafogo. Take for example the round 20 away match against Santos. StatDNA found that Santos Neymar was creating alot of value by dribbling the ball into the center of the field from the wings, beating a man and then passing it to an open team-mate when one or multiple defenders left to help on Neymar. Because of this, Botafogo put in place a strong one-on-one marking system in the attack zone and concentrated heavily on cutting of Neymar’s passing options. The result: an exhilirating 1-0 triumph on a late goal by Loco Abreu.
    Against Flamengo in round 27, StatDNA’s customized opposition analysis included an analysis of penalty kick shooting and this snippet (along with access to relevant videos):

    “Petkovic is likely to take a penalty shot if one occurs. He has a very distinctive way of approaching the ball: he slows down in the middle of his approach and then quickly accelerates into the ball at the end. Because of this unique approach, he has in all 4 of his penalties gotten the goalkeeper to dive to the opposite side that he shoots to”

    Goalkeeper Jefferson did indeed face a penalty in the 73 minute. True to form, Petkovic took the penalty, approached the ball as he usually did with a mid approach slow down and acceleration in the ball, and struck the ball to the right post. Jefferson, with perfect timing, faked a move to his right as Petkovic got close to the ball, and then dove to his left, blocking the shot.

  • StatDNA can help you win more games

    Our opposition analysis can help you win more games by identifying your opponents key value creation strategies. We don’t just use one game of data, but an entire season, to help your team prepare for the variety of tactics that the opposition may employ. To learn more about how StatDNA can help you, click the “Schedule Demo” button below to contact us.