Try It For Yourself

Inside your password protected StatDNA account, you will find a wealth of information covering every detail of your team's and opponent's performance. Our reports not only including data at the team and player level, but also include a series of easy to read maps that help you better visualize your team's performance. Click any number in any report and a video player will pop-up to play the clips that are included in that number. From there, you can save clip lists, make notes and share the clip lists with players, fans, friends and family with the click of a button.

Sample Soccer Player Report: Pass Completion

Who passes well on your team overall? Who passes the best in the attacking 1/3? This report helps answer that question by calculating the pass completion rate for various types of passes and overall. Click a map and you will see where a player passes successfully and unsuccessfully. You can even filter the report and map to show only passes in a certain part of the field or in a certain game.

Sample Soccer Team Report: Pass Distribution

Where are the key passing lanes for your team and your opponent? This report shows in an incredibly simple way how a team moves around the ball on the field, and helps you identify potential weak points in ball movement from front-to-back.